Our company supply and provide a wide range of equipment for most winter sports with complete ice cooling system, insulation, dashboards and more. We also offer customers complete deliveries of mobile ice rinks. They can be built on any paved outdoor and indoor surface (parking lot, playground, hall). The outdoor ice rink can be operated up to an outdoor temperature of up to + 17 ° C in the sun (October - April). The rink can be combined with other artificial surfaces to achieve multi-purpose use of the area (ice - rink in winter, playground in summer).

The delivery consists of the following components:

Outdoor cooling unit, including collectors between the unit and the surface distribution system of mobile ice surface - made of EPDM material, aluminum or plastic pipes. Out of season they are stored in special boxes. Dashboards serve as a fence of your own area. They are supplied with a gutter strip and handles as standard. The dashboards include a gate for the entry of Ice resurfaces and two doors for entry to the area.

Requirements for construction readiness:

flat (+/- 1cm) and paved surface of the storage space for the cooling engine room electrical connection water connection + provision of melted water drain after the end of the season

List of Accessories provided by our company:

Accessories: Ice resurfaces, skates, grinder, diamond on skate grinder, grinding wheel for skate grinder, rubber pins for a hockey goals, goalie area lines on an ice surface, hockey goals, Cabins for goalkeepers. referee, Timers and cube screens helmets, Covering ice surfaces for events, Skate dryer, large tents, complete lighting solutions, preparations for teaching skating (belugas and penguins), rubber squares for walking, tables and benches and ice lines for hockey and curling.

Skate Grinder

Technical parameters of the Grinder:
Engine speed: 2,830 rpm
Size: 32 x 30 cm (height x width)
Weight: 17 kg
Diamond: 0.5 carat
Wheel diameter: 175 + - 6 x 20 mm
Wheel composition: A98 A60 K9 VO9
Motor power: 550W, 230V, 3.4A
The grinder is delivered in a metal box, which serves as a transport packaging and therefore this packaging is not covered by the warranty in case of damage.

Hockey goals

Dimensions according to the Rules of Ice Hockey, a combination of red and white. The gates are supplied with flexible (standard or reduced) anchoring points, or they can, if required by the customer, be equipped with fixed, metal points.
Surface treatment: steel construction of the goal - baking, powder paint.

Goal nets and protectors

The delivery includes goal nets, white, made of polyester with a thickness of 4 mm and a mesh size of 35 mm, protectors of the lower structure of the goal consisting of a combination of quality PE foam covered with solid canvas, protectors of vertical support of the same material, equipped with quick-release Velcro or i net protectors supplied from quality canvas fitted with metal eyelets.

Covering ice surfaces for events

The ice cover system is designed for winter stadiums and other sports halls with an ice surface enabling its multifunctional use. The compact surface with quality insulation allows you to use the ice surface for sports, social and commercial purposes.

Basic information:

The "PUZZLE" locking system ensures a firm connection of the individual boards on the surface, which achieves an excellent value of resistance to pressure. 1 piece of board has dimensions 1760 x 1170 x 38 mm, area 2.03 m2, weight 13 kg and is composed of two layers. The upper plane consists of a thermoformed ABS plate with a thickness of 3 mm, which provides a solid compact surface equipped with a special design against slipping and a fire-retardant layer.

Players benches

Robust and stable construction guaranteeing, in addition to long life, comfortable seating for resting players. etc.) or quality, oak, stained wood. Standard bench module: 3 m (or according to specific requirements) Benches can also be supplied, in an economical version, without a backrest (use in changing rooms ... etc.). Surface treatment: steel construction-hot-dip zinc, or baking, powder, color in the shade according to the customer's wishes


Of course, the dashboards themselves also include a transparent coating of dashboards, made of Polycarbonate PC HS2 UV thickness 2, 3 or 4 mm, preventing constant repairs of advertising signs, all edges of the cover are, for safety reasons, rounded radius R 2, 3 or 4 mm, fixing countersunk screws do not disturb the smooth surface of the cover. The material used is always UV-stabilized on both sides, even for indoor stadiums, which significantly extends its service life. The transparent cover of the mantinel is fixed, in its upper part, by means of a specially modified, pressure, PE HS SUV plastic bar placed under the mantinel handle, white (or according to the customer's wishes) color, in the lower part it is mounted in a trench bar, which is for adjusted for this purpose. Surface treatment: all connecting material is galvanized

Cabins for goalkeeper. referee

Separate lockable, mobile, cabins preventing unwanted influences of spectators on the goal referees. The construction of the cabin is made of steel (or according to the customer's request, aluminum) profiles coated with white PEHS SUV plastic boards, the upper part of the cabin is glazed, break-resistant, acrylic. The cabins are delivered as a set incl. handles, FAB lock, side table and fixed, plastic, seats. At the customer's request, the cabin can be equipped with goal lights incl. their wiring.

The cabs are equipped, for easier handling, with braked, travel, wheels and folding handles. Surface treatment: steel (aluminum) construction - baking, powder, color in the shade of the customer's wishes.

Lighting system

In cooperation with our partner company, we provide lighting for sports halls of all kinds. The lighting is developed according to the latest technologies with an emphasis on energy consumption according to the latest EU directives, economy, health safety and, ultimately, the aesthetic design of the lighting as a whole.