Planning and Design Ice Rink

The main of the first steps when starting to work at an ice rink project is planning and design. In the Ice Rink Project, there are many factors to consider, the key of which are the building, floor and temperature of the area.

ICE Professional is worldwide considered as specialist for exelent solutions in ice skating rink sector. With the ICE Professional you have found a reliable and competent partner for the ice rink technology. Our company is the competence and quality leadership of the ice skating rink technology. We have projects office who implements all complex of tasks connected with the ice rinks building: planning of a rink; a design; a piping system of the ice field; a dasher board system; air conditioning and ventilation in all premises of the rink (including all calculation); a delivery the required equipment and accessories; start-up the rink operation. We sure our long experience in the cooling systems business will lead to a successful cooperation.

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