Permanent Ice Rinks in Stand-Alone Buildings

Ice rinks and training arenas in stand-alone buildings are the objects that require maximum attention. Each element of this project, regardless of the purpose of the ice arena – professional sports or mass skating – have to meet all the requirements of numerous federations: sports, security, ecological and so on.

Our rinks can host world-class competitions – ice hockey, short track speed skating, figure skating and even curling.

NB by ICE Professional: curling competitions and trainings presuppose a different quality of ice and a special preparation, therefore we recommend using an area with its own infrastructure and a specific method of ice preparation. Such a special area for curling one can meet in Dream Town shopping mall (Kyiv, Ukraine)

All the federations have a long list of requirements to rule and control almost every aspect of ice object. Among them are extremely high requirements for the quality of ice, its thickness, and the temperature above the ice, also – for refrigeration equipment, which should not only be professional, but also have a power reserve for force-majeure situations.

Also there are specific requirements for the boards of the arena – they must be made of acryl, must be flexible and must be shockproof to reduce the risk of injury.

NB by ICE Professional: Case: one day the world figure skating championship was held, and the next day – on the same ice rink – a hockey match took place. These two events have different advertising and markup. Our technical stuff had to cut 2-3 centimeters during the night, put the new markings for hockey and make the arena again.

Surely, we use high-quality ventilation and dehumidification systems in such type of objects. We think that everything is important – even the quality and location of the seats for spectators, the number of which can reach several thousand. For all visitors, stands are built with comfortable seats of various levels – both ordinary and VIP seats. Such spaciousness of the room puts forward special requirements for fire safety, for escape routes and for an enhanced air-conditioning system (many people – many heat). All these requirements are met in projects developed by our company.

In terms of technical and quality indicators, all the equipment we offer is of the highest level: it has various automation options: monitors all the parameters and the entire process via computer. Automation and dispatcher systems allow one to monitor, control and quickly change the modes and parameters of equipment operation, as well as quickly rebuild the operation of all systems to the required parameters, depending on the purpose of the arena operation (sports events, concerts, exhibitions etc.) - with minimal costs (human, financial and energy).

Permanent ice rinks where the competitions are held are not just ice, changing rooms and cleaning equipment. They also include professional lighting and audio systems for broadcasting needs, as well as an electronic scoreboard or video cube. We also train local personal to meet all the professional requirements.

Customers who want such projects have high demands, since hockey is developing, budgets are growing and, accordingly, the requirements for the quality of the ice and the entire infrastructure of the ice field are increasing.

Projects are implemented in partnership with designers and builders working in the customer’s team. They get complete and comprehensive information about the facility and requirements from ICE Professional.