Ice rinks in Shopping malls

Ice rinks in malls attract the attention of guests, tenants and partners. Guests strive to the skating rink to have fun, to meet friends, to relax and have coffee and good time. Tenants agree to pay a higher rental rate to be closer to rink because it provides additional guest traffic. For the same reason partners are happy to become part of the entertainment complex created around the skating rink concept.

The ice rink from ICE Professional is a transformative solution that allows owners to get profit at any time. Also an ice stadium can be easily turned either into a venue for concerts or a roller rink, or simply can be used in other format (for example, as a stage or event hall) during the seasonal recession. In winter, the skating rink allows to organize various shows: ballet on ice, Christmas or New Year's performances, or even extreme show with invited stuntmen.

The ice facility in the mall can be created in almost any format. It can be a standalone, easy-to-implement skating rink for a mass skating or there may be a network of several rinks for different purposes (skating, hockey, curling). It even can be a professional arena for tournaments and hockey matches. We even have an experience of making rinks that become a catalyst for the creation of federations of winter sports in the city and in the country.

Ice rinks in shopping and entertainment malls can be placed in any part of the complex: ICE Professional portfolio includes examples of rink placement on the ground floor, as well as solutions on different floors.

Ice rink in a mall is not just an ice cover. This is a complex solution that includes different technical systems (refrigeration, climate and special technological equipment) that are at the heart of the infrastructure solution. The size and volume of ice rink depend solely on the needs and wishes of our customers.

Project Elements

The basis of the skating rink is a technological plate: a system of pipelines, concrete, systems of hydro, heat and vapor insulation. The ice rink will be located directly on this plate. But this ice plate together with all the systems are only a visible part.

To make a high-quality ice cover, specially prepared water is required: it should be purified and heated in the water treatment system. After usage the melted water should be collected by a drainage system that ensures absence of flooding. For ice skating rinks in malls the wow effect can be reached: we’ve got the technology that allows us to paint ice in different colors and even mount diode lighting in it.

After installing all that systems comes the time to install the ventilation and drainage systems. A feature of our system is variability: the automation determines the required function – dehumidification during ice skating or ventilation during a concern – and, depending on it, creates a warm or cold climate.

Also the LED lighting system with zoning throughout the area and a sound system – for concert purposes, advertising and for notifications – should not be forgotten. You will need resurface machine and an equipment to monitor the quality of ice in garage.

Services for the clients are the key elements of the project. For example, an access system. Additionally, everything necessary for the comfort and needs of clients is supplied: skates with dryers and sharpeners, as well as changing rooms with storage boxes. Such changing rooms, along with wardrobes for the winter time, are planned together with the ice rink. Both should depend on the number of people who can visit the location at the same time.

Surely, all this infrastructure requires a security system as well as inner communication and video surveillance system. They allow team to monitor and control the work of equipment and the situation on the rink constantly.

ICE Professional company, when signing a service contract, can monitor the work of all systems and equipment. The company is eager to held warranty obligations, because we are confident in the quality of the equipment and our men’s work.

Company expertise

The ICE Professional’s portfolio includes more than twenty ice rink projects in various shopping and entertainment malls. Some of them are working for more than eighteen years nonstop. We track the quality at every stage understanding the consequences of any mistake.