Outdoor Ice Rinks

Outdoor skating rinks for mass skating are medium-sized seasonal (November - April) projects that can involve a large traffic and ice capacity, while requiring compact technical solutions and modularity of turnkey structures. They can be both open solutions and have a tent – designed and implemented by ICE Professional specialists.

The requirements for projects of this type have been growing over the past years for a number of reasons:

  1. an increase in the average temperature in the regions and countries of ICE Professional operations. To address this challenge we use technologies that allow skating on a rink at temperatures up to +15 °C.
  2. requirements for the quality of ice: interest in skiing is up and the ice rink becomes a competitive advantage for the customers of the facilities. The mobile piping system and the refrigeration unit allow you to create the optimal ice thickness from 4 to 7 centimeters, professional ice preparation and processing machines are responsible for its flatness and quality.
  3. request for turnkey solutions: customers want to work with suppliers that have a complete workflow that does not require the involvement of third-party contractors. This is what ICE Professional specializes in: we’ve built our own ecosystem of companies and are a "single window" for creating ice objects of any type.

The standard solution for open-air skating rinks is an object 20 by 40 meters, on which approximately 100 - 130 visitors can ride at the same time. The ice rink, located on the technological plate, is surrounded – by the customer’s request – with decorative or professional hockey boards made in the Czech Republic, that allow not only to guarantee the safety of visitors, but also to provide sports events and show programs. For such projects, in addition to convenience and reliability, safety requirements are imposed. First of all, the fire department: we provide escape routes and install world-class certified fire extinguishing systems.

Advertising possibilities are an important aspect of such projects. After all, such skating rinks in the open air can often be a gift from the company to the townspeople or an initiative of the city authorities and sponsors. Accordingly, the owner wants to have a communication options. For these purposes, we offer advertising solutions on the boards and ice itself can also be the place for advertising. In addition, we offer advertising via the radio network of the facility.

Customers also want the ice rink to be made on a turnkey basis: with a dryer for skates, with the rolling skates themselves, with an automatic sharpener, coated for skating and boxes for visitors' belongings. A prerequisite is an access system for visitors and a system of protection against theft and other violations at the facility.

Customers also require an audio system - in addition to the fact that skating should be accompanied by music, the radio communication system allows to communicate the necessary information about the beginning and end of the session to visitors and spectators. Decorative, thematic design of the ice rink also needed, comes with a lighting system, energy-efficient LED lighting for the ice rink.

ICE Professional specialists have been solving these issues for more than 20 years while creating more than 30 projects in the cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.