Permanent ice rink systems requires more of an investment but it offers more benefits as well. Year-round functionality of the ice rinks and arenas give an opportunity to enjoy skating off-season that especially important for sport training and competitions.


The ice arenas in the shopping and entertaining centers and malls are a good “anchor business”, that will provide the main source of income for the tenants and potentially provide additional local employment. Moreover, the additional incomes could be provided by an advertising on the ice and perimeter boards, carrying out of the concerts, shows and sport competitions etc. Such kind of “anchor” business is the key to the success of the Enterprise Centre. Therefore a popularity of ice arenas in the building grows year-to-year.

The ice fields “under a roof” need much more power and time expenses. The period of building-up takes about 1-1,5 years. It is connected with high requirements to air conditioning, thermal isolation, recuperation and other technological features. Multi-functionality of the rink demands more complex planning and design.

SPORT ICE ARENAS - are corresponded to the Standards of the International Hockey Federation, then building technology, freezing, thermal mode, ice quality are regulated by the international Standards. Such level arenas are capable to carry out the international tournaments on hockey and figure skating of all levels.

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