Air-supported Structures

Air support structures are one of the most interesting, original and effective solutions on the ice rink market. They consist of a fabric shell, which is hermetically installed directly onto the foundation. Its strength is ensured by the pressure of the internal air. The atmosphere inside has no effect for visitors, as it’s equivalent to lifting for several floors.

ICE Professional company builds air-supported structures not only for ice rinks or stadiums. Our portfolio includes shopping pavilions, football fields, entertainment facilities, playgrounds, and buildings for mass events. Such objects look attractive, they draw visitors’ attention, but it is also an excellent advertising medium with a large number of options for placing information outside and inside the dome.

The air-supported structures can withstand a weight of up to 250 kg/m2 – for example, in case of snowfall – and a wind force of up to 60 meters per second. Such structures have a lower cost compared to capital structures and are quickly built, returning the investments in a short time. Building such an object takes up to three days, after which a small team of workers can be engaged in its maintenance and, if necessary, dismantling and transferring to another place. The optimal indoor microclimate is possible at temperatures from -35 to +35 degrees – it allows to use the construction all year round. Thus possibilities do simplify getting the approvals for an object and for conducting business or sports activities.

The cost of an air-supported structure is up to 30%-50% of the cost of a capital construction of a similar type.

Long-term experience of ICE Professional company allows one to create the most effective business solutions that take advantage of all the advantages of designs:

  • almost any coverage area and various forms of domes;
  • translucent shell helps to save on lighting during daylight hours;
  • automation of control systems reduces the frequency of switching on of electric heaters;
  • backup systems automatically turn on and work when the facility is out of energy;
  • design solutions allow to use all the entire space of the structures;
  • the pressure sensors inform about any violations of the integrity of the coating, so only small repairs and preventive maintenance are required – they don’t stop the operations.

Air-supported structures provide a high level of fire safety: the dome material does not burn, and the internal pressure does not allow the flame to spread. Seismic safety is also guaranteed, and during the design all existing standards of the safety of visitors and their evacuation routes are taken into account.

ICE Professional company has been building structures of this format for more than 20 years. The main activity profile is ice skating rinks in air-supported structures with pre-installed air conditioning and heating systems, for various sports and free skating, with cafes, boards and changing rooms inside, as well as with turnkey solutions for the maintenance of the ice surface.

We provide design of structures, as well as control production, the purchase and delivery of equipment and components. Our specialists carry out installation supervision and installation of equipment, connect and configure all systems of the facility. Naturally, we also provide warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance of air supported structures, regardless of their purpose or use.