If you like nothing better in winter than trying on a pair of skates and gliding through a winter wonderland then this type of ice rink is for you. Seasonal ice rinks can be installed permanently on concrete plate or as portable system and absolutely outdoor or covered by air-supported tent.

For portable installations all drains, electrical outlets, sprinkler systems are to be secured within the ice rink area. Stage platform or flat level is the best choice quick installation. Sandbox rink base is an economy option – it can be used on typical landscaping.

OUTDOOR ICE RINKS - the simplest solution of seasonal ice rinks. They could be build-up on any open area which is empty in winter: football field, tennis court, concert hall or in city park.

Technologically that is an artificial ice rounded by a special dasher board system. Refrigeration system should be located in a remote area from the ice rink: behind the buildings, on rooftop or in a basement. Cooling liquid runs from the refrigeration system to the rink through piping system which could be built-in permanently during construction phase, or concealed above-ground in temporary flexible hoses.
Quality of ice is provided by cooling aggregate and ice resurfacer. The significant advantage of such construction is low cost and quick building-up (building of the whole ice rink takes to 4 months including delivery of equipment –about 2 months).

RINKS UNDER AIR-SUPPORTED DESIGN. Ice rink is covered from above with a compressed-air supported design. That is similarity of a tent; its dome keeps on specially simulated streams of air.
The additional special equipment you need is the system of heat recovering (recuperation), and, certainly, it is meaningful to get an internal infrastructure.

The cost of building-up of air-supported designed ice rinks is 5 times lower than the cheapest metal-span construction. Besides, the period of building and supply the ice rink with all necessary equipment takes to 4-5 months. Such type of ice rink could be permanent depending on freezing technology.