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Years ago ice rinks meant nothing else but the frozen water area somewhere in northern countries. Today artificial ice became available and you can enjoy skating wherever in the northern and southern countries.

ICE Professional company makes it real! We built up mare than 80 ice rinks and arenas in the Eastern Europe during less than 15-year period.

ICE Professional implements all complex of tasks connected with the ice rinks building: planning of a rink; a design; a piping system of the ice field; a dasher board system; air conditioning and ventilation in all premises of the rink (including all calculation); a delivery the required equipment and accessories; start-up the rink operation.

Moreover, ICE Professional company takes a responsibility for a result and carries out a post-guarantee day-round maintenance of the equipment.

ICE Professional is specialized on the ice rinks of any size, any configuration, any functionality and any budget. The rinks can be seasonal or permanent; outdoor or indoor; there can be a small rink in a backyard or a large ice arena in a mall; the training skating or hockey center or the big arena for the international competition.

We use only the most innovative energy-saving technologies!

A mission of ICE Professional company is not only to make the customers satisfied but to make them happy.

The ice rinks are more than enjoying and more than sport but a good business. Additional incomes are provided by advertising on the rink boards, food-courts, rent of sport accessories, or rent of the rink for sport training. Besides, a special multiply flooring allows to transform the ice field into a concert or gymnasium hall. On the other hand, the ice rinks as an “anchor” provide the additional incomes for malls or Shopping plus Entertainment centers.

So you have managed to build the ice rink. First of all you should choose the type of the rink and estimate your budget. Then our job starts.